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We have 10 years experience in the tourism sector, and are based in Marrakech, the capital of tourism in Morocco and the starting point for most tours.

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Best Time to Visit Morocco

Best Time to Visit Morocco

Morocco is a year round destination, although its distinct regions of coast, mountains and desert means that there are varying climates across the country.

Morocco Seasons

The Kingdom of Morocco enjoys a climate of Mediterranean type where the winter is generally mild and the summer is warm. There are, however, some regional varieties that must be taking into consideration while planning a visit to the country. In winter, for example, the temperature is mild in Marrakech, but in the south and in the High Atlas, it can go down quickly, especially at night.This makes the red city a favorite of the foreign travelers looking to evade the blistering-cold European and north american winter.

The rainy season in the other hand is relatively short in Morocco. It begins in November and ends in January - during this period high mountains picks are filled with snow, which allows locals and tourists alike to practice winter sport in resort like Oukaïmden located near the city of Marrakech. Rain is more abundant in the Rif and in the high-Atlas Mountains than anywhere else in the country, allowing for the inception of breath taking natural views all over theses regions..

Spring and autumn, that is from April to May and September to October, are the best seasons to discover Morocco and all its beauty, while enjoying a very moderate temperature.


Who We Are ?

Zagora Experience is a travel agency located in the city of Marrakech, with its roots deeply embedded into the northern regions of the Kingdom Of Morocco. We aim to help the visitors of the red city to better enjoy their stay in the land of charm and magical tourist destinations. To fulfill this goal, we offer a wide range of activities such as: mountain trekkings, discovery of the millennial cities and one/multiple day trips from Marrakech to all the surrounding regions.

As for the country, the houses, our activities, the latter are suitable for all kind of travellers, no matter their gender, their age or their personal preference, we will always fulfil your needs. Bring your soulmate, your group of friends or your family and come enjoy the historically and culturally rich country.

We drill into our 10 years of experience in the tourism sector to design a tailor-made tours and excursions all having Marrakech as a starting point. Our destinations are so rich that you can design your own travel. We invite you to discover ours: desert Excursions, Tours from Marrakech to the desert including the Sahara Desert, our Camel trekking and Quad riding, Desert tour from the city of Fes and our Sahara excursions.

Morocco Tourist visas

Morocco  Tourist visas Tourist visa requirements for travelling to Morocco Please be advised that visa requirements are subject to change and and that visa procurement process is the responsibility of the traveller and are not in any way, shape or form covered by Zagora Experience up on arrival to the country. We also invites you to make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your planned date of departure for Morocco.

The citizens of the following countries: the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA are exempt from visa while entering Morocco. If you are holding another country's passport, we urge you to check with your foreign affairs ministry services before starting to organize your travel to the Sherifian Kingdom.

Feel Free to contact us if you need any further information about this subject!

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Morocco  Tourist visas


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